Super Potato Revived Garlic Butter Flavor from Calbee

Super Potato, Calbee's thick-sliced potato chips richly flavored with "Fris", a Calbee flavoring, will release a new product, Super Potato Reviving Garlic Butter Flavor, for a limited time only. The release date is June 27. Convenience stores will be the first to receive the product. The product will go on sale on July 4 outside of convenience stores. The estimated price is 170 yen for the 70g (2.47oz) portion, and 130 yen for the 56g (1.98oz) portion.

Super Potato Reviving Garlic Butter Flavor

Super Potato Reviving Garlic Butter Flavor is an upgraded version of the Garlic Butter Flavor. The decision to re-release the garlic butter flavor was made in response to the growing popularity of garlic flavors, and in response to the many requests for a re-release of the garlic butter flavor, such as "the garlic butter flavor was the best flavor ever" and "please sell it again" and the regrettable end of sales. The new product has an even richer and more appetizing flavor than the previous one.

The product package, available only at convenience stores, is a satisfying 70g (2.47oz) serving size, with a gusset at the bottom that allows the bag to stand up on its own, making it ideal for "eating while you eat" without falling over.