Mos Burger "Edamame Corn Fries

Edamame Corn Fries", a new side menu item, will go on sale at Mos Burger outlets nationwide on July 13 (except some outlets), and will be available until mid-November 2022. The price is 270 yen (tax included).

Edamame Corn Fries

Edamame Corn Fries" is a new menu item using edamame (green soybeans) and corn, and offers the texture, aroma and flavor of edamame and the sweetness of corn. The product was developed to be a mainstay side menu item in addition to French Fried Potatoes, and can be easily eaten like a snack.

Edamame and corn are molded, coated with a batter of Kamishinko and bread crumbs, and deep fried to a chunky texture. To bring out the flavor of the ingredients, the seasoning is simple, using only salt. Despite being deep-fried, this dish allows you to enjoy the light and simple taste of edamame and corn, which are standard summer vegetables.

Edamame Corn Fries are an easy one-handed meal while enjoying the flavor of the ingredients. It is also a good addition to a hamburger.