Pierre Marcolini "Frozen Cubeldon

PIERRE MARCOLINI announced on its official website that "Frozen Cuberdon," a traditional Belgian pastry "Cuberdon" arranged as a frozen sweet, will be available as a new product for summer 2022. This is the first attempt of its kind in the world, and will be available only in Japan from June 25.

Frozen Cubeldon

According to Pierre Marcolini, the original Cuverdon is a sugar confection filled with sweet syrup and is a traditional Belgian sweet. The "Frozen Cuverdon" is a Japanese version of the Cuverdon, an icy confection with the taste of fresh fruit and the aroma of herbs and spices.

It is Pierre Marcolini's original Cuverdon, developed with the distant Japan in mind. It can be enjoyed on its own or in a cold glass of champagne or elderflower soda, and is considered a completely new summer sweet. The following stores are selling the product

Pierre Marcolini Ginza Store
Pierre Marcolini Nagoya Store
Pierre Marcolini Granstad Tokyo (To go only)
Pierre Marcolini Shibuya (To go only)
Pierre Marcolini Shinjuku (To go only)
Pierre Marcolini Gotemba (To go only)