Shateraise "Tanabata Kanaeboshi

Tanabata Star Fruit Decoration (with Tanzaku chocolate plate), Tanabata Kanaeboshi, and Tanabata Omoiboshi will be available at Chateraise from June 17 to July 7.

Tanabata Star Fruit Decoration with Tanzaku Chocolate Plate

A sweet and sour strawberry cream made of fresh strawberries and strawberry jelly is sandwiched between soft and light sponge. The star-shaped chocolate and mango cream stars are decorated with a rich variety of brightly colored fruits. By writing your wishes on the optional Tanzaku chocolate plate with a chocolate pen and decorating it, you can create your own original decorated cake perfect for Tanabata Festival. The cake measures 14 cm in diameter and is priced at 2,808 yen (tax included, the same below).

Shateraise "Tanabata Star Fruit Decoration (with Tanzaku Chocolate Plate)

Tanabata Kanaeboshi

A cup dessert made exclusively for the Tanabata Festival, inspired by the image of Orihime (Princess Orihime) dressed in a red robe with hibiscus jelly. The cups are decorated with a red napage pattern, filled with soft sweet condensed milk cream, and layered with two different textures of sweet and sour jelly made from the natural herb "hibiscus," nata de coco syrup, and red currant. This refreshing sweet is perfect for a hot day and is fun to eat as well as to look at. Price: 324 yen.

Shateraise "Tanabata Kanaeboshi

Tanabata Omoiboshi

A limited edition cup dessert for Tanabata, inspired by Hikoboshi, the star dressed in blue and purple with butterfly pea jelly. The cups are decorated with green napage, filled with sweet yogurt cream, and layered with two kinds of textured jelly made from butterfly pea, a natural herb, and aloe bear and pineapple in syrup. It is recommended to compare with the Tanabata Kanaeboshi. Price: 324 yen.

Shateraise "Tanabata Omoiboshi