FamilyMart "TABERU Ranch Melon

A new product "Taberu Ranch Melon" from the "Taberu Ranch" series, FamilyMart's No.1 selling original ice cream, will be released on May 31. The price is 248 yen (tax included).

Taberu Ranch Melon

Since June 2020, "Taberu Ranch Melon" has been a popular early-summer flavor. 2022's "Taberu Ranch Melon" uses crown melon for a more mellow melon aroma than last year. Of the melon juice, 51% is puree made from Shizuoka Prefecture-grown crown melons.

The crown melon is the highest grade of muskmelon produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, the largest producer of greenhouse melons in Japan. It is characterized by its light, elegant sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth soft texture.

The upper tier is milk ice cream made with "TABERU Ranch Milk," 56% of which is made from Hokkaido milk. The bottom layer is a melon gelato with puree made from Shizuoka Prefecture crown melons. The combination of mild milk and melon gelato is perfect for early summer. You can enjoy the juicy and refreshing taste.

FamilyMart "TABERU Ranch Melon

The "Ox," the symbol of "TABEBOKU," is available in three different package designs. The "ox" wearing a crown, which is made from a crown melon, is also a highlight of the lineup.