FamilyMart "Akagi Eating Ranch Momo"

Now, a summary of the new FamilyMart products that are attracting attention! Here is a summary of the products that the En-eating editorial department actually tried. "Kanro That Day Dreamed Cloud Gummy", "Fruit Daifuku (White Peach)", "Akagi Eating Ranch Momo", "Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe". * Click each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Kanro The cloud gummy that I dreamed of that day

I actually bought and tried "Kanro That Day Dreamed Cloud Gummy " sold by FamilyMart. A fluffy gummy with the image of clouds floating in the sky. When you open the bag, it has a yogurt-like scent that spreads softly. Gummies are thick in the shape of pretty clouds, and the surface is hard. It is sprinkled with plenty of sweet and sour powder.

FamilyMart "Kanro The Cloud Gummy I Dreamed of That Day"

Fruit Daifuku (white peach)

I tried "Fruit Daifuku (white peach) " from FamilyMart (Famima). You can enjoy the pleasant texture and sweetness by letting it cool for about 10 minutes so that it does not freeze in the freezer. The outer skin, the inner cream, and the fruit are all soft and melty, and are light and ephemeral.

FamilyMart "Fruit Daifuku (white peach)"

Akagi Eating Ranch Peach

I tried FamilyMart's (Famima) ice cream " Akagi Eating Ranch Momo". It is divided into two stages, milk and peach, and white and pink, and you can enjoy the crispy flesh. You can enjoy the fresh sweetness of fruit, which is different from gelato.

FamilyMart "Akagi Eating Ranch Momo"

Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe

I actually drank the new frappe product "Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe " supervised by Afternoon Tea, which is sold by FamilyMart (Famima). The smooth frappe has a strong sweetness, and the finish spreads the elegant flavor of black tea.

FamilyMart "Afternoon Tea Royal Milk Tea Frappe"