Agemochi Cocoro "Mini Can

The following is a list of recommended souvenirs that the Engeboku editorial staff has eaten in person. Sablé Michel "Voyage Sablé," Butter Butler "Butter Caramel Pot," and Agedashi Cocoro "Mini Tins. Click on each product name link to jump to the detailed article page.

Sable MICHELLE "Voyage Sablé

I actually bought and tried "Voyage Sablé" from Sable MICHELLE. The series features Michelle's favorites collected from her travels around the world and made into adorable sablés with a crisp texture.

Sablé Michel "Voyage Sablé"

Butter Butler "Butter Caramel Pot

We actually purchased and tried the " Butter Caramel Pot" from Butter Butler. It is a luxurious three-layered product with custard cream, bitter caramel sauce, and mascarpone cream poured into a bowl of buttery tart dough.

Butter Butler "Butter Caramel Pot"

Akemochi Cocoro "Mini Can

We actually purchased and tried the "Mini Can Soy Sauce Mix" sold by Akemochi Cocoro, a brand of Akemochi from Azabujuban Akemochi Shop. It is a combination of various flavors and shapes of rice crackers and rice flour cookies in the shape of 10 different Lucky Charms.

Agemochi Cocoro "Mini Can