Kentucky Kids Set "Kernel Jiyu Notebook" and "Kernel Pen Case

Kentucky Fried Chicken will be offering a "Fun, New Year's Celebration! A limited number of kids' menus with "Waku Waku Bungu" will be available.

Let's have a fun shingakki! WAKU WAKU BUNBOGU

The lineup includes "Kernel Jiyu Notebook" and "Kernel Pen Case. Limited quantities, sales will end when all are gone.

Kernel Free Notebook

The cover features a colorful American comic-like drawing of Kernel and the KFC menu, with plenty of pages for coloring and free use of KFC's original coloring pages. Material is paper. Size is about A5.

Kernel Pen Case

Pen case made of transparent material with visible contents. The lively design featuring a collection of kernels and KFC's standard menu items is eye-catching. Materials are polyethylene and nylon. Size: 200 mm (width) x 100 mm (length).

The target kids' menu items are as follows.

Kids' Nugget Set

Price: 500 yen. Set includes 3 pieces of nuggets, fries (S), drink (S), and 1 goodie.

Kids' Crispy Set

Price: 500 yen. Set includes kernel crispy, fries (S), drink (S), and 1 goodie.