Ministop "An Butter Millefeuille Sandwich"

From Ministop, the second "An Butter Millefeuille Sandwich" will be released on January 18th, with the concept of "Glittering, heart-throbbing. Sticking trend sweets". The price is 218 yen (tax included).

An butter millefeuille sandwich

"An butter millefeuille sandwich" is a new type of sweets that is an arrangement of sweets using bean paste and butter, which is popular these days. It features a crunchy texture of 256 layers of savory pies that are carefully woven and layered. Rich butter cream made from Hokkaido butter and azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido are sandwiched with plenty of bean paste.

Sweets Carat

Sweets Carat is a name that combines the sensation of encountering trendy sweets with the feeling of happiness when you pick up a shining jewel, and the "carat" reminiscent of jewels is combined with "sweets". Incorporating the latest trends, we are particular about raw materials and combinations of materials, pursuing newness and satisfaction. I am impressed by the encounter and the deliciousness. We aim to create sweets that give you a little happiness and excitement every day.