Pringles Tebasaki Flavor" Souvenir Series Limited to Local Areas

Pringles Tebasaki Flavor

On November 24, Pringles, a line of potato chips, will release "Pringles Tebasaki" flavored with "chicken wings," a soul food that is extremely popular in the Tokai area. Limited to the Tokai region (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures). Pringles Tebasaki Flavor" will be available only in the Tokai region (Aichi, Gifu, and Mie prefectures), and will contain 53g (1.87oz) x 3 cans.

Pringles "Chicken Wings Flavor" features the addictive taste of chicken wings, which are loved by children and adults alike, with the flavor of chicken wings sauce packed with umami and accented with spicy pepper. This product, which is available only in the Tokai region, a region full of attractions such as various scenic spots and world heritage sites, comes in a set of three cans as a souvenir box, which is the perfect size and content.

The product is sold at major stations, airports, and souvenir shops in the Tokai area. The package features a pop design of a chip frying chicken wings on a golden shachihoko swimming in deep fried oil, with a background of tourist spots representing the Tokai area.

The Pringles souvenir flavors are also available in popular travel destinations around Japan, including "Mentaiko flavor limited to Kyushu," "Takoyaki flavor limited to Kansai," and "Hotate butter soy sauce flavor limited to Hokkaido. We recommend collecting them as a memory of your trip.