Sukiya "Gyu-Karubi-don", "Kimchi Gyu-Karubi-don", "Garlic Gyu-Karubi-don".
Beef Kalbi Bowl, Kimchi Beef Kalbi Bowl, Garlic Beef Kalbi Bowl

Sukiya Gyu-Karubi-don, Kimchi Gyu-Karubi-don, and Garlic Gyu-Karubi-don

Sukiya will introduce Gyu-Karubi-don, Kimchi Gyu-Karubi-don, and Garlic Gyu-Karubi-don, which feature more beef and a new sauce. They will all be available at stores nationwide from February 15, 2023. The end of sales date has not yet been determined.


"Gyu-Karubi-don" is a regular menu item characterized by the delicious taste of beef ribs that spreads in your mouth. The "special yakiniku sauce" used to coat the beef has been renewed. The sauce has been reworked to include garlic, apples, and other ingredients to create a flavor that makes the rice even more irresistible. It is grilled in the restaurant for each order, so you can enjoy the taste of freshly prepared beef. The amount of beef has been increased. The price is 650 yen (including tax, the same below) for the regular size.

Sukiya "Beef Kalbi Donburi


Beef Kalbi Bowl "Kimchi Beef Kalbi Bowl" is a bowl of rice topped with spicy kimchi that goes well with the beef kalbi. The price is 800 yen for (regular) size.

Sukiya "Kimchi Beef Kalbi Bowl
Kimchi Beef Kalbi Bowl



"Garlic Gyu-Karubi-don" is a bowl of beef kalbi with toppings that go well with the beef kalbi, and the flavor is accentuated with fried garlic. The price is 710 yen for (regular) size.

Sukiya "Garlic Beef Kalbi Bowl
Garlic Beef Kalbi Bowl