Sukiya "Kim Cheese Beef Sukiya Set Meal"

At each Sukiya store, the winter standard product "Beef Suki Nabe Set Meal" will be on sale from November 4th (excluding some stores). In line with the new lifestyle of these days, where the time spent at home is increasing, a new To go hot pot that does not require the hassle of cooking and washing is also available.

Since the To go container adopted this time is made of aluminum, it can be directly cooked with a gas stove or IH cooker. You can enjoy the taste of a hot restaurant with plenty of meat and fresh vegetables soaked in the taste just by simmering it on medium heat for about 2 minutes.

In addition to the standard "Beef Suki Nabe Set Meal", "Kim Cheese Beef Suki Nabe Set Meal" that combines kimchi and cheese, "Masa Beef Hot Pot Set Meal" that you can enjoy the authentic Chinese taste from Sukiya's "Yokohama Chuka Hanten Series", and seafood There are 4 kinds of menus in total, "Asari beef hot pot set meal" that you can enjoy the flavor.

Sukiya "House Asari Beef Hot Pot Set Meal"
Clam beef hot pot set meal

The list of To go hot pot menus is as follows.

・ House beef sukiyaki set meal 780 yen (tax included, same below)

Sukiya "Oya beef Sukiya set meal"

A winter staple of Sukiya, where you can fully enjoy the thickly sliced meat and the specially made vegetables (half a day's worth of vegetables) that are exclusively for beef sukiya. The taste is sure to melt in the umami and sweetness of beef that fills your mouth. In addition, two eggs are prepared, so you can use them as melted eggs or put them in a hot pot to see the moon.

・ House Mala beef hot pot set meal 840 yen

Sukiya "Oya Mala Beef Hot Pot Set Meal"

A hot pot that is seasoned with a special spice oil and a special soup that is particular about its unique composition, and has a taste just like a specialty store. By using a special spice oil seasoned with 2 kinds of chili peppers and a special chicken-based soup seasoned with 8 kinds of spices including ginger, 3 kinds of chili peppers, and Japanese pepper, you can create a deep "spicy spicy". You can enjoy it. A dish that you can enjoy with a rich specially made dandan noodle sauce. If you like, you can add the special post-gake mala spice that comes with it to make it even more addictive.

・ House Kim cheese beef sukiyaki set meal 890 yen

Sukiya "House Kim Cheese Beef Sukiya Set Meal"

A product that combines kimchi and thick cheese with "beef sukiyaki", which contains plenty of meat and vegetables exclusively for beef sukiyaki. The umami of beef and vegetables, and the richness of mellow cheese are blended into the special warishita flavor, which is accented by the moderate acidity and spiciness of kimchi.

・ House clam beef hot pot set meal 940 yen

Sukiya "House Asari Beef Hot Pot Set Meal"

A product that combines the clams that go well with the "Mala beef hot pot" that you can enjoy the taste of a specialty store by sticking to the unique combination of spices. A hot pot with spicy clams enhances the taste of beef and clams, and you can enjoy the flavor of seafood in the spiciness.