Tsubame Grill "New Year's present gift plan"

If you order various "Hamburg steak" menus as a "New Year's present gift plan" at Tsubame Grill, a campaign will be held with the price unchanged and baked potatoes topped with sour cream. It will be held on January 2nd and 3rd, 2022.

Tsubame Grill New Year's present gift plan

At Tsubame Grill, the signature menu includes "Tsubame-style hamburger steak" with homemade beef steak, "Japanese-style hamburger steak" made with kelp from Rausu, Hokkaido and dried bonito from Kagoshima prefecture, and grated radish. The classic "German Hamburg Steak", which is a combination of demiglace sauce with a rich taste and half-ripe fried egg, is on sale.

This campaign is for all those hamburger steaks. You can enjoy a combination of fresh baked potatoes, refreshing sour cream and salmon roe. Each store has a limited quantity, and if it is out of stock, it will be a regular baked potato.

The "Shinagawa Ekimae Store" and "Atre Shinagawa Store" will be held only on January 3, 2022. Also, please note that "Atre Ueno store", "Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC store", Tsubame and Delicatessen stores are not eligible.