Papubbure "New Year's Mix"

From the art candy shop "PAPABUBBLE", the annual New Year's mix, Kagami mochi candy, and this year's New Year's Bubbles will be on sale from December 26th.

New Year mix

"New Year's Mix" is a combination of flashy and congratulatory shades of candy and auspicious patterns to give it a New Year's look. We have selected flavors such as Mome and Sato Nishiki to enhance the festive mood. The price is BAG 640 yen, S bottle 910 yen, M bottle 2,530 yen (all including tax, the same applies below).

Tiger year mix

The "Tiger Year Mix", which is suitable for the new release in 2022, contains a lot of candy that is particular about the design such as the face and tail of the tiger and the characters of the tiger. The footprints of 2022 were designed by craftsmen with an awareness of how they straddle the years. BAG 640 yen, S bottle 910 yen, M bottle 2,530 yen (all tax included, same below).

Papubbure "New Year's Mix" "Tiger Year Mix"

Kagami mochi candy

"Kagami mochi candy" that appeared in the orange flavor this year as well. When you eat it, just like opening the mirror, you can enjoy it by breaking it with a mallet. The price is 1,100 yen.

Papubbure "Kagami Mochi Candy"

New Year's Bubbles

"New Year's Bubbles" finished with Japanese-style Umeshiso, Yuzu, and orange flavors that are typical of New Year's. The point is, after all, the pistachio-equipped bubblets that sit in the center and look like real oranges. It's so cute that it's also recommended as a souvenir. The price is 1,200 yen.

Papubbure "New Year's Bubbles"