Gong Cha "Fortune Cookie"

Gong Cha Japan will start presenting the original "Fortune Cookie". The gift period is from January 1st to January 7th, 2022. The first 150 people who purchased drinks every day are eligible. One gift for each drink. Excluding Gifu Matamaru store.

fortune cookie

As the name suggests, "fortune cookies", also known as "cookies with fortune-telling", are cookies containing "fortune-telling" with fortune written on them. It is popular as an after-dinner enjoyment at Chinese restaurants around the world.

Gong Cha's "Fortune Cookies" come in three flavors: plain, maple, and coconut (flavors cannot be selected). It contains "Omikuji" with 5 fortunes and short words that make you feel positive. You cannot eat "Omikuji". It's a sweet that is delicious and has a lively conversation. Look forward to what kind of fortune will come out.

* Business days of each store will be announced on the details page of each store on the GCJ official website.