Kyorakudo "Daiichigo Daifuku"

At Kyorakudo's permanent store and official online shop, "Daiichigo Daifuku" using the oversized "Amaou" is on sale. Winter limited product. The sale period is until around March 2022.

Daiichigo Daifuku

"Amaou", also known as the "King of Strawberries". Among them, Daifuku uses the whole oversized one. Daifuku, which is the foundation, uses mochi and soft mochi. The special koshian is finished with an exquisite sweetness to maximize the sweetness of the strawberries.

And the super-large strawberry that sits proudly on it. "Amaou" is the origin of the name "A", "Ma", "O", "U", and "Umai". Kyorakudo's "Daiichigo Daifuku" uses carefully selected "deluxe size" items that are exceptionally large, even among "Amaou" that look like large jewels.

The price is 972 yen for 2 pieces, 1,458 yen for 3 pieces, 1,944 yen for 4 pieces, and 2,916 yen for 6 pieces (all including tax).

* Product details may differ between stores and online shops.