Pista and Tokyo "Pistane"

The 2022 Valentine's Day collection will be released from the pistachio sweets specialty store "PISTA & TOKYO". It will be sold sequentially from January at Tokyo Gift Palette stores.

Pista and Tokyo "2022 Valentine Collection"


A product in which pistachio cake dough is baked on a crispy surface in a short time at high temperature, and soft pistachio chocolate is poured and cooled. The surface of the dough is moist and familiar, creating a sense of unity with chocolate. 5 pieces, 1,512 yen (tax included, same below).

Pista and Tokyo "Pistane"

Pistachio pave

Chocolat with a satisfying taste. Pistachio chocolate is combined with pistachio holes, cookie crunches and cranberries to create a rugged cube. 80g (2.82oz), 1,512 yen.

Pistachio and Tokyo "Pistachio Pave"

Pistachio chocolate crunch

A crunch with a crunchy texture created by roasted pistachio and fiantine, and a two-layered pistachio chocolate. 5 pieces, 1,215 yen.

Pistachio and Tokyo "Pistachio Chocolat Crunch"

[Valentine sales store in 2022]
Tokyo Gift Palette Store (Permanent Store) January 12-February 14, 2022 Sogo Hiroshima January 18-February 14, 2022 JR Nagoya Takashimaya January 20-February 14, 2022 Sendai Mitsukoshi 2022 January 21-February 14, 2014 Takashimaya Yokohama January 26-February 14, 2022 * Scheduled to be deployed at two other locations