Ace Cock "Vertical Long Dark Wakame Ramen Sesame and Shoyu"

Ace Cock will introduce the cup ramen "Tatelong Dark Wakame Ramen Goma / Shoyu". It will be on sale from December 20th. The content is 90g (3.17oz), the amount of noodles is 70g (2.47oz), and the estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

Vertical long dark seaweed ramen sesame and salty soy sauce

Among the long-selling brand "Wakame Ramen" released in 1983, "Dark Me" has been prepared for the "Sesame / Salty Sauce" flavor, which is especially popular. Smooth round-edged noodles with moderate crispness are combined with wakame seaweed, which is a well-balanced mixture of fish sauce based on tamari soup, and a soup that goes well with it. Ginger and black pepper are added to the accents to create a timeless taste.

Kayaku is made with seaweed, which is rich in rocky shore, sesame that has been roasted deeper than usual to make it more fragrant, and corn with a good color. The package is designed with purple letters of "Wakame" and a large cooking photo on the front of the cup to express the visibility and deliciousness at the store. The base color is dark green, and it is finished to remind you of a dark taste.