Asahi Breweries "Asahi The Double Double Aging Blend"

The beer "Asahi The Double Double Aged Blend" jointly developed by Asahi Breweries with FamilyMart will be released. Characterized by the combination of pilsner and ale. Limited quantities will be available from November 30th at FamilyMart liquor stores in the country. 350ml cans and 500ml cans are available.

Asahi The Double Double Aging Blend

"Asahi The Double" is a series that has been handled in limited quantities since 2018 as a collaborative product with FamilyMart. This "Asahi The Double Double Aged Blend" is said to be the first beer in Japan to contain 100% malt Pilsner type beer and 100% malt ale type beer.

A pilsner with a crisp and crisp aftertaste, a gorgeous aroma and a rich ale are combined, and a "double aging method" that doubles the aging period is used to give a deep taste. It was devised. Alcohol content is 5%.

The cans are based on gold and red with the words "Kire no Pilsner & Fragrant Ale", and the characteristics are clearly displayed.