Awesome Store & Cafe "French Bagel Toast Strawberry Chocolat" "French Bagel Toast Caramel Banuts"

AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO (Awesome Store & Cafe Ikebukuro)

At the cafe-equipped store "AWESOME STORE & CAFE IKEBUKURO" of "AWESOME STORE", the winter-only bagel menu "French bagel toast strawberry chocolate" and "French bagel toast caramel banut" will be available for a period. Sold for a limited time. The sale period is from November 19th to February 13th, 2022. The price is 495 yen each (tax included).

French bagel toast

Bake fluffy bagels in a French toast style and top with ice cream and fresh cream. It's a warm or cold dish. There are two types: strawberry chocolate with chocolate sauce topped with strawberries and caramel banuts with caramel sauce topped with bananas. It is a nice point that it is cut into 6 equal parts so that it is easy to eat.

French bagel toast strawberry chocolate

Strawberry chocolate topped with strawberry in chocolate sauce. The sweetness and sourness of strawberries and the sweetness of bagels, which are unique to fresh fruits, are a perfect balance.

Awesome Store Cafe "French Bagel Toast Strawberry Chocolat"

French bagel toast caramel banuts

Caramel banuts with caramel sauce and banana topping. The sweetness of bananas, which is unique to fresh fruits, is accented with cinnamon powder and almond slice toppings.

Awesome Store Cafe "French Bagel Toast Caramel Banuts"