Komeda Coffee Shop "More Adult Noir"

At Komeda Coffee, the seasonal Shiro Noir "Motto Adult Noir" will be released on November 25th (excluding some stores). Scheduled to be sold until late December.

More adult noir

The popular "Adult Noir" is now available as an "adult". Shiro Noir is a perfect match for the richness of coffee, the slight bitterness and the refreshing sweetness of soft serve ice cream. Deeply roasted espresso-flavored coffee syrup is soaked between Danish pastries and used luxuriously on top of soft serve ice cream. This year's syrup makes you feel more coffee. Topped with fiantine to finish.

Komeda Coffee Shop "More Adult Noir"

Recommended is pairing with Komeda Blend. The mellow sweetness and bitterness are even more fragrant. The lineup includes a regular size (750 yen / 770 yen) that can be shared by everyone, and a mini size (550 yen / 570 yen) that is perfect for desserts for one person or after a meal. * Prices include tax, and prices vary depending on the store.

"More adult noir" filled with the deliciousness of coffee. Why don't you spend a relaxing time with coffee?