Ehime Beverage "POM Ehime Gems Citrus Ehime Ponkan Cider
(Image source: Ehime Beverage official website)

Ehime Beverage announced on its official website that it will introduce a winter-only carbonated beverage called "POM Ehime Ehime Ippon Citrus Ehime Ponkan Cider," which will be available starting November 15 in 410 ml PET bottles at an estimated price of 140 yen (excluding tax).

POM Ehime Gems Citrus Ehime Ponkan Cider

Ehime Beverage, which produces "Pon Juice" and other products, also offers the "Ehime Ippin Citrus" series, a brand that introduces citrus fruits actively grown in Ehime Prefecture.

Ehime Prefecture accounts for 40% of the nation's ponkan harvest, making it the number one producer. POM Ehime Gems Citrus Ehime Ponkan Cider contains 10% fruit juice and is designed to provide a refreshing carbonated beverage with the flavor of sweet Ehime ponkan oranges with a low acidity.

The front of the package displays the name of the fruit and its characteristics in large letters, and the lower part of the bottle also features a citrus fruit to show the flavor of the fruit. In addition, on the side of the bottle, the phrase "Made in Ehime, with love", which can only be displayed on agricultural, forestry, and marine products made in Ehime Prefecture, is written. is also written on the side of the label.