Seven "Caramel popcorn dolce popping in love"

At Seven-Eleven, the collaboration product "Koi de Kakeru Caramel Popcorn Dolce" with the drama "Koi desu! ~ Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl ~" will be on sale from October 19th. The price is 298 yen (321.84 yen including tax).

Caramel popcorn dolce popping in love

The first sweet that appeared in the drama "Koi desu! -Yankee-kun to Shirokan Girl-". A parfait topped with caramel popcorn, this is a "new sensation sweet" with a pleasant texture.

Seven "Caramel popcorn dolce popping in love"

Caramel popcorn is finished with a rich flavor of caramel and butter. Caramel mousse can be enjoyed with a rich and smooth mouthfeel by adding cream etc. to the base of the lined caramel mousse.

* The release date and availability will vary depending on the region and store.
* It may be sold out early.

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