Lawson "Parichiki"

At Lawson, the fried chicken "Parichiki", which is particular about the crispy texture of the batter, will be released on October 26th. The price is 180 yen (tax included).

Paris Chiki

Lawson introduced a flyer in 1979 and now sells a large number of chicken-based fried foods such as "Karaage-kun," "L Chiki," and "Chicken Kara." "Karaage-kun" sells about 200 million meals a year, fried chicken such as "L chicken" and "golden chicken" sells about 100 million meals, and other chicken counter foods including "chicken" sells 47,000 a year. Selling tons. * The number of "Karaage-kun" and fried chicken sold is from September 2020 to August 2021. The sales weight of chicken counter foods is the actual result in 2020.

This time, Lawson has developed "Parichiki", which has a crispy batter texture, with the aim of expanding the customer base of chicken-based fried foods. "Parichiki" is thinner than "L Chiki" based on the customer's voice that "I like fried chicken, but I'm not good at greasiness and richness of taste, so I have less chance to buy it." And the amount of salt is also reduced.

By devising the manufacturing method of the batter and making it difficult for the moisture inside to seep out, the batter is made about 40% thinner and has a crispy texture. The amount of salt has been reduced by about 20%. * For the thickness and salt content of the batter, calculate the values per 100g (3.53oz) of the product and compare with "L Chiki".