Fujiya "Grand Holol (Butter x Almond)" "Grand Holol (Chocolat x Hazel)"

"Grand Holol (Butter x Almond)" and "Grand Holol (Chocolat x Hazel)" using carefully selected materials from Fujiya's "Horol" brand will be released on September 7th. 8 pieces individually wrapped, the price is open.

Grand Holol (butter x almond)

A luxurious cookie that combines richly flavored French fermented butter with coarsely crushed California almonds for a savory and pleasant texture. Uses 20% fermented butter from France and 13% almonds from California.

Fujiya "Grand Holol (Butter x Almond)"

Grand Holol (Chocolat x Hazel)

A cookie with a rich flavor of Dutch cocoa and French fermented butter, and a pleasant texture of coarsely crushed hazelnuts. Uses 4% Dutch cocoa and 11% French fermented butter.

Fujiya "Grand Holol (Chocolat x Hazel)"


A cookie brand characterized by a "crispy texture" that is made from the world's most popular baked goods with a crispy texture and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. It appeared in September 2020 and was renewed in March 2021.

The "Grand Holol" that will be released this time is a higher-grade taste that is carefully baked using abundantly selected materials. It's perfect as a reward time for yourself.