Fujiya "Look one grain luxury (Amaou strawberry)" "Look one grain luxury (Rihei chestnut)"

From Fujiya's long-selling brand "Look", "Look One Grain Luxury (Amaou Strawberry)" and "Look One Grain Luxury (Rihei Kuri)" will be released on September 7th. The estimated price is 216 yen each (tax included).

Look one grain of luxury (Amaou strawberry)

Large bitter chocolate with Amaou strawberry sauce from Fukuoka prefecture, Amaou strawberry jelly, and strawberry-scented whipped cream in the center. A juicy feeling is expressed by adding soft Amaou strawberry jelly.

Fujiya "Look A grain of luxury (Amaou strawberry)"

Look one grain luxury (Rihei chestnut)

Large bitter chocolate with marron-scented whipped cream, a sauce of Rihei chestnut from Kumamoto prefecture. It is a grain that you can enjoy the deliciousness of chestnuts with plenty of special sauce.

Fujiya "Look A grain of luxury (Rihei chestnut)"

Look one grain luxury

A large look that makes you feel luxurious with just one grain. It is a reward chocolate that puts the fact that it is a chocolate made with Fujiya's unique technology into the name "one grain of luxury". Sauces and jellies that are particular about the origin and variety are combined, and you can enjoy a rare texture like dessert.