McDonald's Happy Set "Universal Studios Japan All Stars"

"Universal Studios Japan All Stars" is now available on McDonald's Happy Meal. It will be available for a limited time from July 9th.

Universal Studios Japan All Stars

A collaboration between McDonald's Japan, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, and Universal Studios Japan, which celebrates its 20th anniversary. Various characters such as Minions, Jurassic World, Jaws, Curious George, Hello Kitty, etc. are gathered together. There are 10 kinds of toys that are very useful in the summer, such as water guns and water wheels, that you can play outdoors such as in your garden using water.

This toy is a toy with the theme of physical exercise and natural science, which embodies the theme "NO LIMIT!" Of the 20th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan. A toy that allows you to test the various movements and properties of water stimulates children's intellectual curiosity and allows them to unknowingly learn the physical properties of water.

The lineup includes "Minion Stuart's Water Despicable" with the motif of the popular attraction "Minion Hachamecha Ride", "Minion Kevin's rotating water wheel" where a water wheel with Kevin turns when water is poured, and water storage If you press the lever after that, water will come out from the tip of the cracker like a shower, such as "Curious George Cracker Water".

McDonald's Happy Set "Universal Studios Japan All Stars"
Minion Stuart's Water

McDonald's Happy Set "Universal Studios Japan All Stars"
Minion Kevin's rotating turbine

Also, for the two days of July 10th and 11th, you will receive a "Universal Studios Japan All-Stars Quiz & Sticker Encyclopedia" for each purchase of the Happy Meal "Universal Studios Japan All-Stars".

McDonald's Happy Set "Universal Studios Japan All Stars"

McDonald's Happy Set "Universal Studios Japan All Stars" will be 5 types as the first from July 9th, 5 types as the second from July 16th, and 10 types as the third from July 23rd. Will be dealt with. The toys you receive will be random. It will end as soon as it runs out.

In addition, the picture book "Hinohanashi with trouser straps" and the mini picture book "McDonald's" produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the company's founding will be newly released in Happy Meal from July 9th. A puzzle is attached to the picture book, and a sticker is attached to the mini picture book as a "bonus".

McDonald's Happy Set

McDonald's Happy Set

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