"Kororo Hyuganatsu" 5th collaboration with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives

As the fifth collaboration with the National Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, UHA Mikakuto will pre-sale "Kororo Hyuganatsu" using Hyuganatsu from Miyazaki Prefecture on May 18th at FamilyMart. The price is 170 yen (tax included).

"Kororo" is a new type of gummy that is made by wrapping a gummy that contains a lot of water in collagen. You can enjoy a juicy new texture that pops and pops from the fresh gummy and firm collagen produced by the unique formulation.

Kororo Hyuganatsu

"Kororo Hyuganatsu" uses the juice of "Hyuganatsu" from Miyazaki prefecture. It is finished so that you can feel the unique taste of Hyuganatsu with a slight sweetness and a refreshing acidity. With the unique technology of Mikakuto used in Kororo, you can enjoy the texture that pops and the rich juice.

Hyuganatsu is a citrus fruit native to Miyazaki prefecture, and is a specialty fruit tree that boasts the highest production in Japan. It is a popular citrus fruit that contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced manner, and you can also get dietary fiber by eating fluffy white skin (albedo) and pulp together. The surrounding white skin is sweet, and when eaten with sour flesh, it is an ideal citrus fruit with just the right amount of deliciousness and a unique flavor not found in other citrus fruits. In addition, it is sweet in the mouth, and the acidity and juiciness of the yellow fruit combine to create an excellent balance. In addition, the pleasant scent is rich, and the refreshing finish spreads in the mouth forever.