UHA Mikakuto "Kororo Onimori Peach Flavor"

UHA Mikakuto will release "Kororo Onimori Peach Flavor", the 7th collaboration with the TV anime "Demon Slayer", on January 25th. Handled at supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores, etc. nationwide. The estimated price is 188 yen (tax included).

"Kororo" is a new type of gummy that is made by wrapping a gummy that contains a lot of water in collagen. You can enjoy the juicy texture that pops out from the fresh gummy candies and the collagen that is taut.

The "Kororo Onimori Peach Flavor" that appears this time is a Kororo with "Morimori white peach pulp". About 20% of the weight of the gummy candy is mixed with the flesh, making it a flesh-rich gummy that can only be made by Kororo. You can enjoy the crispy texture of white peach every time you chew. There are two types of packages, one designed by Sadako and the other designed by Sumijiro and Sadako.

UHA Mikakuto "Kororo Onimori Peach Flavor"

* "Ne" + "Ne" is the correct notation for "Ne"

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