Mihashi ni “Summer Menu”
(All image sources are Mihashi official website)

It has been announced on the official website that the "Summer Menu" is now on sale at Anmitsu Mihashi. It is handled seasonally at each store.

We have a variety of menus that you can feel cool, such as "chilled white bean paste" where you can eat mihashi bean paste refreshingly and shaved ice.

In 2021, the shaved ice has undergone a major renewal. First of all, "Ice Apricot", which has been popular for a long time, has been changed to a new syrup where you can enjoy the pulp of apricots. In addition, Japanese shaved ice such as "Ice Ujikintoki" and "Ice Dainagon Azuki" has been enhanced.

Due to the state of emergency, business hours are changed depending on the store. In addition to this, in the case of in-store use, measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection are being taken, such as restrictions on entering the store depending on the congestion situation. Details can be found on Mihashi's official website.

Mihashi ni “Summer Menu”

Mihashi ni “Summer Menu”

The selling price of the summer menu is as follows as an example. All notations include tax.

・ Chilled Shiratama Shiruko 570 yen ・ Ice apricot 720 yen ・ Ice Ujikintoki 780 yen