Starbucks Strawberry Strawberry with Strawberry

Exclusive to FamilyMart, the new Starbucks Chilled Cup series product "Starbucks Strawberry Strawberry with Strawberry" will be on sale. Available from May 11th.

"Starbucks Strawberry Strawberry with Strawberry" is a Starbucks chilled cup that you can enjoy the taste of strawberry, which is limited to FamilyMart. This is the second installment following the popular "Starbucks Strawberry French Vanilla" released in June last year.

Uses strawberry pulp, which is the largest size in Starbucks chilled cup history. The large flesh and creamy milk combine to bring out the charm of strawberries.

The package is mainly pink and has a strawberry-like appeal. Colors other than pink are effectively arranged as accents to create an exciting and gorgeous design.

The price is 248 yen (tax included). Sold at approximately 16,000 FamilyMart stores nationwide. Some areas have different prices.