Starbucks Chilled Cup "Caramel Brulee with Coffee Jelly" FamilyMart Limited

Starbucks chilled cup "Caramel Brulee with Coffee Jelly" will be on sale from October 19th (excluding some stores) exclusively for FamilyMart. A luxurious sweets latte where you can enjoy rich coffee, a bittersweet caramel aroma, and coffee jelly that fills your mouth. The estimated price is 248 yen (tax included).

Caramel Brulee with Coffee Jelly

A sweet latte that combines the sweet and bittersweet scent of caramel brulee with milk and adds plenty of coffee jelly unique to Starbucks. Coffee jelly contains the same amount as the highest ever in Starbucks chilled cup history. You can enjoy the luxurious taste that is perfect for the gradually deepening autumn, where you can enjoy the coffee jelly that fills your mouth.

The package uses a dome-shaped overcap reminiscent of the popular "Frappuccino" at Starbucks stores. The luxurious taste of caramel brulee and coffee jelly mixed intricately is expressed by the illustration of crush jelly and layers that overlap in a wavy manner.