Lotte "Yukimi Daifuku custard cream taste supervised by Hattendo"

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・ Yukimi Daifuku new work
Lotte will release "Yukimi Daifuku Custard Cream Flavor " in collaboration with the popular cream bread specialty store "Hatendo".

Lotte "Yukimi Daifuku custard cream taste supervised by Hattendo"

・ Cream pound cake recipe
A recipe for " cream pound cake " made with pancake mix and cream. You can enjoy the moist, fluffy and rich taste. No need to weigh using a 200g (7.05oz) hot cake mix bag and a 200ml (6.76us fl oz) fresh cream pack.

"Cream Pound Cake" Recipe

・ Chocolate mint cake
"Choco mint cake " will be sold at the raw cake dealers in Ginza Cozy Corner, and "Choco mint sable" will be sold at stores nationwide.

Ginza Cozy Corner "Chocolate Mint Cake"

・ Pistachio candy
It was announced on the official website that "Pistachio Candy " has appeared as the first seasonal popsicle at 551 HORAI. A flavor with pistachio nuts and paste that is launched to give you a feeling of luxury.

551 HORAI "Pistachio Candy"

・ Choco Egg Kids Detective Conan
Furuta Confectionery will release "Choco Egg Kids (Detective Conan) 2 Plus". Five types of swimsuits, Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, Masumi Sera, Shinichi Kudo, and Ran Mori, who appeared in the "Ripples Series", and secrets are newly released.

Furuta Confectionery "Choco Egg Kids (Detective Conan) 2 Plus"