"Aisu Manju Yuzu" from Marunaga Confectionery

Marunaga Confectionery will release "Aisu Manju Yuzu", a crispy and cool ice cream that is perfect for hot summers, on May 10th. The price is 151 yen (tax included).

"Aisumanju Yuzu" was developed as a new Aisumanju that is perfect for hot summers, using the juice and peel of Yuzu from Shikoku. Yuzu juice and 5% pulp are used luxuriously.

The yuzu ice cream on the outside is an ice lolly with a crispy texture, which is the first attempt in the Aisu Manju series, and is characterized by the refreshing acidity of the yuzu juice. The smooth ice cream on the inside is mixed with yuzu peel, and you can enjoy a refreshing scent.