Nissin Cisco "Chocolate Flake Donut Chocolate"

Nissin Cisco will release "Chocolate Flake Donut Chocolate". The content is 45g (1.59oz) and the price is 120 yen (excluding tax).

Launched in 1968, "Chocolate Flakes" is a long-selling brand representing Nissin Cisco, which is loved for its crispy texture of cornflakes and the deliciousness of chocolate. In 2018, in response to voices such as "I can't eat one bag at a time" and "It's difficult to open", it has evolved into a convenient stand pack with a zipper that can be eaten "chocolate" and is popular.

"Chocolate flakes donut chocolate" to be released this time is a new product in which "doughnut-shaped puffs" and "corn flakes" are coated with chocolate. The bite-sized "doughnut-shaped puff" that emphasizes ease of pinching is characterized by a light texture, and the combination with the crispy texture of "corn flakes" is exquisite.

The package design is arranged in bright tones with illustrations of the character "chocolate" and donuts of "chocolate flakes" lying down with chocolate donuts as pillows.