Fukusaya "Fukusaya Sakura Cube" A boxed seasonal cube castella with petals dancing
(* The source of the image is Fukusaya official website)

It was announced on the official website that "Fukusaya Sakura Cube" will appear as a seasonal cube castella from Fukusaya. It will be available for a limited time until April 9th.

The package depicts a flowering cherry tree and petals fluttering in the wind. Suitable for graduation, admission celebrations, and private celebrations.

In addition to being sold exclusively in Nagasaki, Saga, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures, the Fukusaya Online Store is accepting orders until April 10th. In addition to a single item, multiple sets are also available. The selling price is as follows. All notations include tax.

・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube 1 piece 270 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 2 pieces 594 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 3 pieces 864 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 5 pieces 1,458 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 10 pieces Included 2,862 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 15 pcs 4,266 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube Gift Set 20 pcs 5,670 yen ・ Fukusaya Sakura Cube ・ Assorted in the middle (6 Fukusaya Cube / 8 in the middle) 2,646 yen ・ Fukusaya Assorted Sakura Cube / Middle (8 Fukusaya Cube / 8 pieces in the middle) 3,240 yen

Due to the limited number of items sold, it is recommended to purchase and book early. In addition, some stores do not handle it. For more information, you will be instructed to contact the Fukusaya dealer directly.