Fukusaya "Fukusaya Koi Cube
(Image source: Fukusunaya official website)

Fukusaya announced on its official website that "Fukusaya Koi Cube" is now available from Fukusaya as a sponge cake in a seasonal and limited-quantity package, and will be carried at stores in Nagasaki, Saga, Kumamoto, Oita, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Okinawa prefectures and at the official online store until May 10. The price is 270 yen per cube (tax included).

Fuxaya Koi Cube

This is a limited edition package of "Fuxaya Cubes," two slices of sponge cake handmade one by one by artisans and packaged in a small box so that it can be enjoyed anywhere. This is one of a series featuring regional and seasonal design changes.

The colorful design features carp streamers soaring in the sky, wishing for the healthy growth of children. The product contains 311 calories per 100 g. For the official online store, the product has a shelf life of approximately seven days from the date of delivery.

The official online store charges an additional delivery fee. Some products may not be available in stores. For details, please contact each Fukusunaya store individually.