7-ELEVEN "Sugar Butter Tree Charcoal Fire Chocolat"

7-ELEVEN & i Group companies, including 7-ELEVEN, sell "Sugar Butter Charcoal Fire Chocolat," which was jointly developed by "Silver Grape" and 7-ELEVEN & i Holdings. It comes in 2 pieces and the price is 198 yen (excluding tax). The handling period is until the end of March.

A seasonal flavor limited to 7-ELEVEN, which attracts a great deal of attention every season and captivates sugar butter tree fans. This winter, in addition to the standard "white chocolate flavor" and the seasonal "caramel macchiato flavor", "charcoal-fired chocolate flavor" has appeared as the third arrow.

"Sugar butter wood charcoal fire chocolate" is a "chocolate type" that you can only meet in winter. In the warmer months, the luxuriously poured chocolate melts, so you can only enjoy this taste now.

For the chocolate on the outside, we use "dense chocolate" that is made by melting the charcoal-roasted couverture that "silver grapes" are proud of. If you chew on the fragrant cereal dough with sugar butter flavor, you will get a rich chocolate that is fully sprinkled on the entire surface. Recommended for snack time at home time.