Silver grape "sugar butter tree charcoal fire chocolate scented strawberry"

7-ELEVEN sells a product "Sugar Butter Tree Charcoal Fire Chocolat Fragrant Strawberry" jointly developed by the Western confectionery brand "Gin no Gudo" and 7-ELEVEN & i Holdings. It comes in two individual packages and costs 213 yen (tax included). Expected to end at the end of March 2022.

Sugar butter tree Charcoal fire chocolate Fragrant strawberry

The "Sugar Butter Wood Charcoal Fire Chocolat," which first appeared last year, is so popular that it ships more than 2.5 million copies within two months of its release. This year, last year's "Sugar Butter Wood Charcoal Fire Chocolat" has evolved into a refreshing strawberry tailoring. By adding the sweet and sour taste of strawberries to the dough, you can add gorgeousness to the "deliciousness of charcoal-fired chocolate". The cross section is also vivid and the scent of strawberries spreads.

A "chocolate type" that you can only meet in winter. In the warmer months, the luxuriously poured chocolate melts, so this taste can only be enjoyed now. For the chocolate on the outside, we use "dense chocolate" that is made by melting the charcoal-roasted couverture that "silver grapes" are proud of. A sweet and sour seasonal rich type with plenty of strawberry-scented cereal dough.