"Chocolat sandwich" from a sugar butter tree

"Sugar Butter Tree Chocolat Sandwich Charcoal Fire Chocolat" will be released on December 1st from the cereal sweets specialty store "Sugar Butter Tree". The price starts from 600 yen (excluding tax) for 5 pieces. The sale period is until mid-February 2020.

"Sugar Butter Tree Chocolat Sandwich Charcoal Chocolat" is a brand-original "charcoal fire chocolate (a unique couverture made by roasting cacao beans)" wrapped in a crispy cream sandwich with a scent of sugar butter. It is a premium-ranked luxury sandwich that melts in your mouth with the deliciousness of winter only.

"Chocolat sandwich" from a sugar butter tree

In order to emphasize the charcoal-fired chocolate that pursues richness and aroma, a special milk cream is sandwiched between the carefully baked dough. You can enjoy the crisp and rich taste of charcoal-fired chocolate that spreads at once when you chew it crisply.

The stores are as follows (in addition, some sister stores may sell).

Metropolitan area stores, JR Nagoya Takashimaya store, Hankyu Umeda store, Hakata Hankyu store), silver grapes (Daimaru Tokyo store, Keio Shinjuku store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, Lazona Kawasaki store)