Sugar Butter Tree with Charcoal Chocolat Plain

Sugar Butter Tree will release Sugar Butter Tree Charcoal Chocolat Glaze Plain on October 15. Nationwide mail order will start accepting orders on October 12. The price is 993 yen (tax included) for a 10-pack.

Sugar Butter Tree: Charcoal Chocolat Plain

Sugar Butter Tree has designated October 8 as "Sugar Butter Tree Day. To commemorate the day, new products will be introduced one after another this fall.

Sugar Butter Tree Day

The third product to commemorate the establishment of "Sugar Butter Tree Day" is "Sugar Butter Tree: Charcoal Chocolat Glazed Plain," a "chocolate glazed type" that can only be found during this season. The luxurious chocolate poured over the product melts during the warm season, so this is the only time you can enjoy this flavor.

Sugar Butter Tree with Charcoal Chocolat Plain

The outer chocolate is made from "dense chocolate," which is made by melting the charcoal-roasted couverture that "Silver Grape" prides itself on. It has an authentic taste with a refreshing sweetness and a mellow aroma and richness. When you bite into the savory cereal dough, you can enjoy the rich chocolatey flavor that is spread generously over the entire surface of the cereal dough. It tastes just like a chocolate fondue.

Sugar Butter Tree with Charcoal Chocolat Plain

Sugar Butter Tree (Daimaru Tokyo store, Seibu Ikebukuro store, Sogo Yokohama store, Hankyu Umeda store, JR Nagoya Takashimaya store, Hakata Hankyu store, JR Tokyo Station store, JR Ueno Station store, JR Omiya Station store, Haneda Airport store) and Pak and Mogu Odakyu Machida store. In addition, some products may be sold at some sister stores.

The official online store "Pak to Mogu" will be open from October 12 to April 5, 2023 at 17:00. Applications at the Pak and Mogu Sweets Shop Rakuten Ichiba store will be accepted from October 13 to March 25, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. Even during the application period, it will end as soon as the products are gone.