Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding

I want to eat ice cream even in the cold season! We have summarized the hot new ice cream.

◆ Giant Cone [Adult Ruby Cacao] Berry Yogurt Flavor
A product supervised by Chef Hiroyuki Emori, who has a history of winning the world sweets competition and is familiar with ruby chocolate. A combination of berry yogurt-flavored ice cream with a melting raspberry sauce and cocoa waffle corn with a crunchy texture, topped with ruby chocolate and raspberry crunch. You can enjoy the fruity taste. The estimated price is 220 yen (excluding tax).

Giant Cone [Adult Ruby Cacao] Berry Yogurt Flavor

◆ Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding
Creamy Yukimi Daifuku made from Hokkaido milk ingredients. The thick and sweet condensed milk sauce is wrapped in rich milk pudding ice cream. There are two types of opening patterns on the package. The estimated price is 180 yen (excluding tax).

Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding

◆ Palm Strawberry Cheesecake
Bar ice cream filled with cheesecake ice cream and strawberry ice cream in a marble shape and wrapped in white chocolate made with milk that melts in your mouth. Cheesecake ice cream has a rich and rich taste, and strawberry ice cream has a sweet and sour taste using strawberry puree. Released on February 8th.

Palm Strawberry Cheesecake

◆ Two refreshing caramel [bitter x sweet]
Two kinds of caramel ice cream with different flavors are packed in a square checkered shape. The bitter part uses charred caramel, with a fragrant flavor and bittersweet taste, and a refreshing taste for adults. On the other hand, the sweet part is finished with a rich vanilla flavor and a rich sweet caramel flavor. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Two caramels [bitter x sweet]

◆ Shiroi Koibito Sand Ice
Shiroi Koibito's white chocolate-style ice cream is sandwiched with butter cookies inspired by Shiroi Koibito's Lang de Cha. White chocolate chips are included in the accent. The estimated price is 160 yen (excluding tax). Convenience store pre-sale on February 1st, nationwide release on March 1st.

Shiroi Koibito Sand Ice

◆ Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sandwich Sweet Strawberry
A gorgeous sweet ice cream mixed with strawberry pulp is wrapped in a strawberry chocolate coating and sandwiched with a crispy wafer. You can enjoy the texture of strawberry flesh and the sweet and sour taste. The estimated price is 295 yen (excluding tax). Released on February 16th.

Haagen-Dazs Crispy Sand Sweet Strawberry