For a limited time, "Mitsuya" Nihonkumono Shiranui "

Asahi Soft Drinks will release "Mitsuya Nihonkumono Shiranui" on February 16th. For a limited time. The estimated price is 150 yen (excluding tax).

"Mitsuya" Nihonkumono is a series where you can enjoy a strong taste that enhances the characteristics of the variety, with the concept of "a taste that is packed with the deliciousness of fruits."

"Mitsuya" Nihonkumono Shiranui is a carbonated drink that is packed with the deliciousness of the domestic fruit variety "Shiranui".

"Shiranui" is a hybrid of "Kiyomi" and "Ponkan", which are citrus fruits produced by crossing Satsuma mandarin and Trovita orange. The fruit is so soft that it can be peeled off by hand, and in fact it has a strong sweetness.

This product uses "safe and secure water" that has been repeatedly filtered and "fragrance collected from fruits, etc." to suppress heat and finish, and "Mitsuya" brand-focused "fruit quality manufacturing method" that traps the deliciousness of fruits. So, in March, we will deliver the deliciousness of "Shiranui", which will reach its peak of shipment.

For a limited time, if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible!