Kimuraya Sohonten "Sake Hazelnuts"
(* The source of the image is the official website of Kimuraya Sohonten)

It was announced on the official website that the seasonal anpan "Sake Hazelnuts" has appeared at the directly managed store of Kimuraya Sohonten. This is a new menu released in February.

The original hazelnut bean paste is wrapped in Kimuraya's original dough, which contains sake and has a good flavor, and is baked.

In addition, a new menu for February has appeared in the sweet bread and side dish bread of the directly managed stores.

"Hokkaido Caramel Pie" is a pie crust with raw caramel-flavored cream from Hokkaido milk sandwiched between them. Roasted almonds and granulated sugar were sprinkled and baked, and the caramel sauce of Hokkaido milk was squeezed to finish.

"Hokkaido sweet corn bread" is finished with mayonnaise by putting Hokkaido sweet corn in focaccia dough with Hokkaido corn paste. Tailored with corn in the dough.

"Hokkaido Jaga Butter" is made by wrapping Hokkaido potatoes seasoned with salt and black pepper in dough and baking them, and then topped with salted butter from Hokkaido milk.

"Hokkaido Scallop Cream Pot" is a bread made from Hokkaido scallop paste-filled focaccia dough with white cream containing Hokkaido scallop scallops. When warmed, the flavor of the scallops will increase further.

"Hokkaido Mozzarella Cheese Focaccia" is a focaccia with mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese made in Hokkaido on a focaccia dough with Hokkaido corn paste.