Sagaeya "Fukufuku Set"

From January 20th, 100 sets of "Fukufuku Set", which allows you to experience hand-baking at home, will be available for pre-order on the online shopping site of "Renmochi Kobo Sagaeya". What is carried out as a "house time support campaign".

The "Fukufuku Set", which was released to make your time at home enjoyable and bright, is a set that adds popular standard products from Sagaeya to seasonal products that can only be enjoyed at this time of year. In addition, there is a rice cracker dough that you can experience hand-baking at home.

There are 4 kinds of seasonal products. "Addictive Shimikarisen Wayamasho", which is addictive to the tingling stimulus peculiar to Japanese pepper, "Fluffy Yukimochi" with a crispy texture, and a rich and smooth taste of rice. A rice cake "Dewa no Mochi". In addition, the products that represent Sagaeya (for details, enjoy after they arrive) and hand-baked dough (one of sea lettuce, shrimp, and plain) are packed.

Approximately 5,500 yen worth of products are included, and the selling price is 5,000 yen (tax included, free shipping). The reservation period is from January 20th to January 25th, and the products will be shipped sequentially after February 5th.