McDonald's "McFleury KitKat" "McFleury Super Oreo"

At each McDonald's store, the popular classic sweets "McFleury" and "Nestlé KitKat" will be on sale for a limited time from January 27th (excluding some stores). The price is 290 yen (tax included).

The popular "McFleury KitKat", which was sold for a limited time as a revival product for the first time in 7 years in February last year, will be released this year as well. This is the only time you can enjoy it with the popular regular product "McFleury Super Oreo".

"McFleury KitKat" is a cool dessert that mixes smooth soft serve ice cream with fine crushed "KitKat" and a special sauce. The features of "McFleury" that "texture" and "mix and enjoy" are fully utilized. The deliciousness of "KitKat" is combined with a special sauce made from couverture chocolate, so you can fully enjoy the chocolate feeling. It's perfect as a dessert after a meal, as well as a break in the afternoon or a reward for the day.

McDonald's "McFleury KitKat"

The regular product "McDonald's Super Oreo" is a delicious dessert with an increased amount of the "McDonald's Oreo cookie" Oreo cookie. You can enjoy the rich taste of rich soft serve ice cream and bittersweet Oreo cookies.

McDonald's "McFleury Super Oreo"

Limited quantities of "McFleury KitKat" are offered in red, and "McFleury Super Oreo" and "McFleury Oreo Cookies" are offered in blue special cups. Each has a familiar logo design.

McDonald's "McFleury KitKat" "McFleury Super Oreo"