Limited quantity "The Maple Mania Can"

"The Maple Mania Can" is on sale from the maple confectionery specialty store "The Maple Mania". The price is 1,600 yen (excluding tax). Contains 5 maple butter cookies and 4 maple pie sandwiches.

"The Maple Mania Collector's Can" has many fans looking forward to every year. It will be released with a new design that is getting a lot of attention this year as well.

A special assortment of two flavors, including the most popular "Maple Butter Cookie" and "Maple Pie Sandwich", which is usually sold only at Gransta Tokyo. The seasonal cans presented by The Maple Mania, with a design inspired by the favorite denim worn by little Maple boys and packed with cuteness, are also recommended as Valentine's gifts. It will end as soon as it runs out.

・ The stores are as follows
Permanent stores: The Maple Mania Gransta Tokyo Store, Maple Diner Shinjuku Milord Store, Maple Stand Lumine Kitasenju Store Special Store: Haneda Airport 2nd Passenger Terminal 2F Tokyo Restaurant B Store, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Departure Lobby Tokyo Restaurant 2