FamilyMart "Brioche Caramel French Toast" and "Two Olive Cheese Focaccia"

Brioche caramel French toast and 2 types of olive cheese focaccia, supervised by KIHACHI, are on sale from January 5th at each FamilyMart store (release dates may differ in some regions and stores). Not sold in Hokkaido / Okinawa prefecture.

"Brioche caramel French toast supervised by patisserie KIHACHI" is a further upgrade of the popular French toast released in September last year (2020) as a product supervised by the pastry shop "patisserie KIHACHI" developed by KIHACHI. The moist brioche dough is soaked with egg-flavored French liquid, and the caramel sauce is added.

To improve the taste, the amount of French liquid has been increased to about 130% of the previous product. It has a rich and rich taste that is perfect for winter. The price is 147 yen (excluding tax).

FamilyMart "Brioche Caramel French Toast"

"KIHACHI Supervised 2 Olive Cheese Focaccia" is a side dish bread supervised by "restaurant KIHACHI". Two kinds of olives and gouda cheese, black and green, which go well with each other, are combined with the chewy focaccia dough. The refreshing saltiness of olives and the scent of fragrantly baked cheese enhance the deliciousness of focaccia dough. The price is 121 yen (excluding tax).

FamilyMart "Two Olive Cheese Focaccia"