Rokkatei "January mail order snack shop"
(* All images are from Rokkatei official website)

It was announced on the official website that "January mail order snack shop", an assortment of sweets, has appeared from Rokkatei. Reservation acceptance has started ahead of the Internet.

The selling price is 3,000 yen (tax included, shipping fee included, box fee included). Contains seasonal sweets and original sweets from mail-order snack shops.

"Gonbo" is a sweet and spicy stir-fried burdock root and carrot from Obihiro / Wada Farm in Hokkaido, wrapped in a pie. "Osamu Kosam" is a special menu for mail-order snack shops, which is made by adding nuts to meringue and baking it fragrantly. "Coffee beans" are roasted coffee beans wrapped in chocolate. Details are as follows.

・ Marusei butter sand × 3 ・ Gonbo × 2 ・ Coffee beans × 2 bags ・ Dahan small cold × 2 ・ Frost tatami × 2 ・ Strawberry chocolate white × 1 bag (60g (2.12oz))
・ Thanks × 2 ・ Marusei Caramel × 3 bags ・ Snow and Konko × 3 ・ Marusei Butter Cake × 2 ・ Beko Mochi × 2

Delivery destination is home only. It may take about 2 weeks from the time the order is received. Orders and shipments may be adjusted in consideration of weather conditions. The bag is not included and will not be packaged. Rokkatei points are not eligible. In addition, the design and assortment contents are subject to change without notice.

Rokkatei "January mail order snack shop"

The delivery period is from January 6th to February 1st, 2021. The shelf life is 4 to 5 days in a cool place below 25 degrees Celsius after it arrives.