Hokkaido Dairy "Tops Chocolate Pudding"

Hokkaido Dairy Industry will release a new product "Tops Chocolate Pudding" in tie-up with "Tops" from January 18, 2021 (excluding Okinawa Prefecture and some other areas). Handled at convenience stores and mass retailers nationwide. 90g (3.17oz) is included, and the estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

"Tops Chocolate Pudding" is a pudding supervised by the well-established "Tops" that is particular about the original taste of the ingredients. It was developed with the image of the deliciousness of "Tops Chocolate Cake," which is a standard and popular product of tops.

It is finished with a good balance of raw milk from Hokkaido and sweet chocolate. In addition, the taste of "walnut", which is the point of taste, is flavored with walnut spirit. The calorie per meal is 97 kcal.